BedVoyage Rayon from Bamboo Bed Sheets CC

Hi, I’m Sharon Stuart from BedVoyage Introducing our wellness line of rayon from bamboo Bedding. Equal parts luxurious and casual. Bamboo fibers have natural benefits that help you sleep better. They wick and evaporate moisture three times faster than cotton, which keeps you drier and bamboo fibers adjust to your body’s temperature Releasing the heat through the micro gaps and holes, so you sleep cooler. You’ll love that your linens stay fresh longer Because bamboo is resistant to odors and bacteria It’s amazingly soft and comforting to your skin The fibers are so fine and round like a hair on your head, That makes them hypoallergenic and a non irritant to sensitive skin. We don’t coat our linens with formaldehyde or Flame-retardant chemicals like much of the cotton and microfiber industry So you may see a little wrinkle with bamboo But you can rest easy knowing that you’re sleeping on sheets with healthy sleep benefits In case you were wondering, rayon is the process of converting a tree or stock into a fiber Our linens are made from 100% organically farmed bamboo.

our five-star luxury details Consist of a flat sheet that is a foot longer than traditional linens So your top sheet will stay tucked in at the foot of the bed The fitted sheet is 18 inches deep to fit most pillow top mattresses and has a tight elastic all the way around, so the corners never pop off The pillowcases are a little roomier, so it’s easier to insert your pillow Make your sleep life better with BedVoyage Linens .

What is Egyptian cotton, and why is it so special?

Egyptian cotton is grown in the Nile River valley, a humid area that has long been considered to have the most desirable conditions and soil for growing fine cotton. There are a variety of cotton types grown in Egypt, and each is categorized by the length of the cotton fiber. The most popular varieties are extra-long staple (or ESL), long staple (or LS), and regular cotton. ELS fibers are spun into much finer, softer, and stronger yarns than the other two, making it the most desirable for providing luxurious comfort. ESL produces less lint and is less likely to pill than other varieties, and it also gets softer with every wash, which most consumers view as an added bonus. As you shop for Egyptian cotton linens, keep in mind that only a small percentage fall in the ESL category. Some linens labeled as Egyptian cotton are made of an inferior cotton strand that falls short of what most consumers think Egyptian cotton should feel like. Fortunately, when you shop with US-Mattress, you can find a wide selection of ESL Egyptian cotton linens that will provide you with soft, luxurious comfort for years to come. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to leave us a comment or give us a call at 1-800-455-1052.